Tips and Tricks Guide to Managed File Transfer
Volume 4: Comparing Solutions, Why to Consider Integrated MFT, The MFT Sweet Spot, Free Soluitons vs. MFT

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Developed by Don Jones, author of more than 30 IT books, this valuable eBook answers a set of questions fundamental to Managed File Transfer (MFT) with detailed, real world answers. This volume focuses on the MFT evaluation process. To enable organizations to accurately assess their MFT needs, it covers key features like:

  • Protocol Support and Parallel Protocols
  • Access Control
  • Auditing
  • Process Automation and Workflow
  • Checkpoint Restarts, Reliability, and Guaranteed Delivery
  • Centralized Policy‚ÄźBased Management

Download this EBook for clear explanations that can provide guidance for any organization evaluating and deploying an MFT solution.