Learn key concepts and best practices for managed file transfer from industry expert Randy Franklin Smith

  • Why managed file transfer matters
  • The basics of file transfer security and compliance
  • How to improve IT agility with managed file transfer automation
  • Key requirements for managed file transfer solutions

Randy Franklin SmithRandy Franklin Smith is a security expert and has written over 300 articles on Windows security issues. His writings have appeared in publications like Information Security Magazine and Windows IT Pro.

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Chapter 1: Understanding the Need for Managed File Transfer

  • Discovering the many ways to transfer files
  • Picking managed file transfer as your preferred method

Chapter 2: Achieving Data Security with MFT

  • Authenticating users to ensure they are authorized to transfer files
  • Defining guaranteed delivery
  • Understanding end‐to‐end encryption
  • Achieving compliance through audit and visibility into transfers
  • Looking at integration to existing IT security infrastructure

Chapter 3: Improving Agility and Productivity through Automation and Control

  • Getting a primer on automation and control
  • Understanding how automation transforms file transfer operations and business agility
  • Supporting all methods of file transfer

Chapter 4: Studying the Real-World Benefits of MFT

  • Seeing security, visibility, and automation in action
  • Using customer responsiveness, compliance, and auditability to your benefit
  • Getting automation, security, and ease of use
  • Being productive

Chapter 5: Ten Major MFT Requirements

  • Using automation
  • Making sure you have centralized logging
  • Deploying in the cloud