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On Demand Webinar: 2014 IT & Stakeholder Compliance Survey Results
Hosted by noted industry analyst Michael Osterman this webinar is a must-watch for IT professionals looking for an incisive perspective from senior IT peers as to why legacy systems and approaches are no longer adequate to meet the ever-increasing demands for compliance.

Specifically, the webinar will provide you with direct insight from senior IT on innovative solutions for solving compliance challenges —solutions that enable you to identify:

  • What are inhibitors to compliance
  • How to prioritize working with business to maintain compliance
  • What would help IT to quickly address business concerns
  • How IT can work with business stakeholders to better understand their security needs
  • The increasing role cloud can play in compliance

As the needs of business evolve, and the requirement for holistic approaches to security, Cloud-based solutions, high reliability and availability all need to be backed up by systems, policies, and service level agreements that actually work in the real world – this webinar will get you up-to-speed quickly on how to deliver promised cost savings and free up IT staff to focus on other critical operational tasks.

Andrew Hicks
Michael Osterman
File Transfer Analyst
Paul Castiglione
Paul Castiglione
Manager, Product Marketing
Ipswitch File Transfer

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