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Healthcare and HIPAA — Getting Familiar with Rules, Breaches, Compliance, Enforcement and Technology.

The changes to the HIPAA privacy and security rules that went into effect in September 2013 are still unfamiliar to a number of entities required to comply with HIPAA because they provide services that involve the use or disclosure of protected health information.  All entities that deal with health information or with healthcare organizations need to assess their compliance status against these new rules and identify high risk areas for preventive action. Many times, these high risk areas involve social media and new technology.  This webcast will discuss:  

Key provisions of the new rules
Implications of the revised definition of breach
What the new rule means for business associates and the organizations they serve
The structure of enforcement and fines

How technology can help and hurt HIPAA compliance

On-Demand Webinar: HIPAA Compliance Tips & Best Practices

Eileen Elliott
Eileen Elliott
Healthcare Attorney
Dunkiel Saunders

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