Achieving Exceptional B2B Integration
Creating Business Advantage Through Smart IT

Join ChainLink Research CEO, Ann Grackin to learn how your peers are solving core B2B integration and EDI challenges to:

  • Create competitive advantage though superior service,
  • Deliver exceptional B2B performance, and
  • Permanently eliminate IT cycle-draining errors and process latency from the information supply chain

Learn as the experts share their real-world insight gained from years of direct industry experience in strategy and operations:

  • Cope with ever-scarcer expertise and resources in managing trade data integration and transformation challenges
  • Respond to customers’ increasing integration complexity and higher volumes with an exceptional level of service
  • Accommodate whatever data formats your customers throw at you and reliably execute against them
  • Eliminate the most time-consuming, error-prone, and vulnerable aspects of your B2B/EDI processes

  • All while never missing an SLA again…

Featured Presenters:

Ann Grackin
CEO, ChainLink

Marci Lipinski
Sr B2B/EDI Analyst
Cass Information Systems

Roger Gassman
Solutions Architect
Ipswitch File Transfer

Ms. Grackin is CEO and leads ChainLink Research's supply chain practice. The challenges of trading partner integration drive ChainLink's research. Idea-generation and transformational outcomes are hallmarks of ChainLink's customer experience. With over 100k subscribers, ChainLink continues to lead the supply chain and B2B research industry.

Ms. Lipinski is responsible for the successful operation of Cass' production messaging and translation systems, from on-boarding of new shippers and carriers to mapping and testing for all supported media formats and billing standards. Cass Information Systems is the largest provider of outsourced freight payment solutions in North America. In 2011, Cass disbursed $20 billion on behalf of Shippers - including Unilever, DuPont, Toyota, Macy’s, and Hershey – managing in excess of 17,000 trade agreements.

Mr. Gassman has over 15 years experience designing and deploying secure Managed File Transfer, B2B Gateway platforms, EDI, and EAI solutions for some of the largest, most-demanding global enterprises in supply chain and logistics, financial services, travel, and government. Ipswitch File Transfer provides >90% of Fortune 1000 companies with solutions that move, govern and secure business information between employees, business partners, customers, and applications.