Business Class File Sharing
What Happens When Employees Use Webmail and Consumer File Sharing Services to Send Company Information?

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Employees who dodge IT rules to get their work done present a significant security and compliance risk to companies, especially in highly regulated industries such as Finance and Healthcare.

This behavior presents significant security and compliance risks including:

  • Loss of control over who has access to files and data
  • Lack of visibility and audit trails
  • Risk of data breaches and compliance violations

View these short video segments and on-demand webinar to hear subject experts Michael Osterman and David Boone discuss these issues, including:

  • Typical tools - what are the products employees are bringing to work?
  • What are the risks of relying on personal file sharing tools in the workplace?
  • How can you balance the need of the individual with the requirements of the organization?
  • Questions to ask when choosing a file sharing solution