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Move Away From the Tangled, Digital "Do-it-Yourself" Approach to File Transfer
Discover how your IT peers have reduced their organization's risk, increased productivity, and reduced hidden costs with Managed File Transfer.

In most organizations, the movement of data between systems, applications, and people often takes place through a series of homegrown, non-commercial approaches: via email attachments, consumer-grade FTP servers, custom-built scripts, and "drop-box"-style syncing and sharing applications.

This creates an environment in which file transfer is unreliable and unwieldy for end-users, and is difficult to audit, report on, and control for IT staff.

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A panel of IT practitioners, led by Derek Brink, VP at Aberdeen Group, will be covering a number of key questions, including:

Why do most current file movement approaches miss the big picture?
Why is Managed File Transfer the current wave of file movement solutions?

What are the key capabilities to consider for enterprise-class Managed File Transfer solutions?

Webinar: Move Away from the Tangled, Digital, "Do-It-Yourself" Approach to File Transfer

Derek Brink
Derek Brink
Vice President, Research Fellow
Aberdeen Group
Matt Breeding
Matt Breeding
Senior Database Analyst
Florida Department of Health
Andrew Glencross
Andrew Glencross
Senior Security Specialist
NHS Wales
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